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5. The role of dietitian in the prevention of infections
Eleni Patrozou 1 , Chrysanthi Vlachaki 2 email author , Dalia Liolia 1 , Dimitrios Vlachakis 3
1 Prevention Institute, Athens
2 Department of Dietetics and Nutritional Science, Harokopion University, Athens
3 Biology Department, NCSR DEMOKRITOS, Athens
pages: 37-43, doi:1792-4030-1-5
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infection, protein, vitamins, supplements, yogurt

Malnutrition represents a predictor of low immune response. The dietitian is often called to nutritionally support patients who cope with acute or chronic infections. A thorough nutritional assessment is important in order to recognize individuals with nutritional deficiencies. There are several theories and myths regarding the effect of different nutrients and foods in the management of infections; the aim of this review is to evaluate their role in the prevention and management of acute or chronic infections.

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